"Beautifully crafted fabrics created by the fusion of refined artistic taste, innovative production technologies and superior quality"

Experienced producers create luxurious high fashion fabrics with utmost attention to detail. Most designs imply meticulous and time-consuming handwork techniques like beading combined with machine embroidery.


Bridal - Bridal fabrics are the fabrics defined by solemnity, delicacy, and splendor in their design. They are basically dyed in pastel tones and represented by various types. So different in their physical properties, all of them are designed with one purpose — to make any bride stay delighted by her wedding gown.

Applique & Cutwork – Unique floral ad geometric designs with hand or machine cut fabrics with single and multicolor thread embroidery.

Sequins – Ultra modern and stylish fabrics covered with different shaped Spangles. Spangles or Sequins vary in size, shape, and colour. Fabrics can be glossy or matt, reversible, or one-side.

Embroidery – Embellished Fabrics with intricate work of thread done with a specialised machine or by hand.

Cording & Bead work - Embroidered fabrics are the type of cloth featuring an intricate work of thread done with a specialised machine or by hand.

Lace - Delicate fabric featuring an open web-like pattern. Elegant and feminine, it is mainly known as the fabric for wedding and evening dresses. Italian and French lace trims are also widely applied for dress finishing. This fabric type is generally all about a complex floral pattern. It is very fine and airy, which lets you combine lace with any lining and not bother about the weight of your dress.

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